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Who Am I

Well, here you are and maybe asking who I am. To avoid oblivion and having the urge that someone will take notice of my existence this home page has been set up to counter that.

Peter Michael Lutterbeck Having recently reached a mature age, I thought a few interesting tidbits from my past experience and a few mental jolts would entertain and cause some laughter or at least a chuckle or two.

Having married and divorced twice including a 7-year break between them, and now living alone for more than a few years, has provided me with a wide range of personal experience. Three children resulted from the 1st marriage, all now ingrained in Swiss society in one form or another.

Committed to the scientific world as a research physician for nearly 30 years involving international drug development led me to live and work in six countries and travel extensively. The U.S., throughout most of Europe, Scandinavia and the U.K./Ireland were my primary areas while Australia and Japan filled in when programs got really interesting.

Having traveled far and wide and meeting all kinds of people (satisfying my gregarious nature) has given me a perspective of human nature that led me to conclude that human nature is full of mystery and unpredictable circumstances; with a touch of humor, thank goodness for that! Being a maverick since birth has provided many obstacles, but overall such a state cultivates cultural awareness and sensitivities that has markedly enriched my life. Of course, being born in Bern, Switzerland of German parents and growing up on Chicago’s South Side where the University of Chicago resides (a very international setting), traveling to many U.S. states while completing college in the Mid-West helped me to comprehend most of what’s happening in America these days.

Aside from specific medical and general scientific inclinations, early exposure to environmental and geo-political interests rounded out my curiosity until present days. Recently I have been fortunate to have met many younger aspiring people still struggling to find their place and destiny, especially enjoying their invitations to varied venues.

Premature retirement with occasional consultant assignments completed my professional career. This gave me the opportunity to focus on my 35-year hobby of collecting the covers of TIME magazine and writing a 3000 page Compendium of all the people, subjects and events featured on the covers. This continues to the present day along with occasional lecturing on medical subjects and writing articles of a trivial nature (featured on this Web Site)

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