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Conspiracies & Coverups

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Conspiracies and Cover-ups abound. They always have – the only difference in recent times being an omnipresent aggressive and sensationalistic news media subculture. Whether a variation of a JFK/Oswald, Watergate, Iran-Contra governmental committee investigation, or non-accountability of a Waco/FBI event, or worse, the deliberate misinformation regarding the purpose and progress of the Vietnam War, the public rarely gets the truth and even if it did most wouldn’t believe it anyway. The vast majority of us simple souls couldn’t cope with it nor could we comprehend it. And now for the Oklahoma City bombing: maybe there’s some truth to the saying: “Nothing really appears as it is.”

How utterly convenient it is that the perpetrators “appear” from some extreme radical, fanatical or extreme right-wing element within U.S. society. The presumed culprits renting a truck as routine as apple pie without changing license plates, leaving behind a so-called diary, etc…with more evidence to link him and others to the bomb site. More frenzy for the media virtually leaving the O.J. defense favoring a yet again another conspiracy frame-up and LAPD-cover-up of incompetence reeling behind in the smoke and mud of the latest splash in media’s muddy waters.

Today’s journalists and so-called investigative TV reporters are the real judges knowingly or otherwise manipulating, distorting and grabbing at every trivial straw just to catch a few more viewers. This greedy screening phenomenon overwhelms the every increasing dysfunctional dys-literate (able to read but not comprehend) population.

Now let’s turn on the “Conspiracy Channel” and consider another scenario for the Oklahoma City bombing. Suppose the attack was indeed the doings of one of the fanatical Middle Eastern elements as many initial “knee-jerk” commentators blurted out to national and local audiences throughout the USA and the world. And suppose behind the scene investigations actually found out that this was the case. Potential Bad Boys would not be difficult to identify being either those from Teheran, Baghdad or Tripoli. “Satin” has many enemies. But consider the consequences if the USA where to identify the source of such an atrocity by “foreign elements.” There wouldn’t be enough H-bombs around to satisfy the public. The hate, anger and frustration syndrome would become epidemic knowing no limits. After all, remember the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to expedite the Vietnam involvement. Even Arkansas’ Fulbright went along with the entire U.S. Senate.

Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was essential to counterbalancing the importance of an ever strengthening Iran. Gaddafi had done what he could do to counter the takeover of his country by extreme Islamic fundamentalists. Is it not better to keep those well known enemies in power playing them one off against each other than to totally take one or more out of the picture replacing them with unknowns with unknown intentions? Have not the British been doing this for centuries? Divide and conquer or whatever.

Peter M. Lutterbeck @ January 8, 2008

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