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FOR SALE: Original and Complete Time Magazine Cover Collection – US Edition – 4564 Issues + Compendium

Peter M. Lutterbeck @ January 19, 2009 # 2 Comments


Unique Opportunity to Obtain Perhaps the Only Complete TIME Magazine COVER Collection in the World beginning with the first issue on March 3, 1923 until January 5, 2009 – more than 4564 Covers (Original Covers of U.S. Subjects) now being offered for the FIRST time. The collection is in excellent and good condition encased in special binders and plastic sheets. Preceding each year is an index indicating date, subject and notable person(s) identified with year born / year died and the number of times each individual has been previously featured either personally or referred to in the past. There are currently eleven binders weighing approx. 125 lbs or 55 kgs.

This probably represents the first time ever that a journalistic history of one of the most well recognized and prestigious news publication’s covers are being made available accompanied by an extensive categorization of the cover contents referred to here as The Compendium.

The collection is in Zurich, Switzerland and Viewing can be arranged by contacting the seller at: Excerpts of the Compendium will also be available for viewing. The Compendium comprises about 3000 pages and is available on disks.

PRICE: US$ 1,500,000.

This is probably the first time ever that an historical overview of one of America’s leading journalistic empire is being offered in such a comprehensive manner. Thus, the rationale for the price that is underscored by having the highest bidder completing the purchase receive the COMPENDIUM consisting of all cover subjects, events and people (>2900) having been featured. This project has been an on-going effort for the past 40 years and consists essentially of four parts:

1) The Chronicle (584 pgs) listing each issue chronologically indicating subject or person with years born/died and number of times having appeared or referred to along with a brief description of the subject or the individual’s notoriety, established either previously, currently and occasionally referring to the future as appropriate

2) Alphabetical Index (288 pgs) providing dates of all issues for a given subject or person(s) with an extensive cross referencing with multiple entries based upon the theme of each issue. Dates born/died are complete with month/day/year as well as place of birth and age upon death. (Such data is about 98% complete.) A unique feature includes indicating the age upon death in one of two columns: on the left are those who achieved their notoriety outside the U.S. (e.g. Picasso), on the right, those that were born in the U.S. or as non-U.S. born achieving their notoriety primarily or exclusively while in the U.S. (e.g. Henry Kissinger)

3) Subject Headings with about 480 categories for countries, and topics of general interest [American behavior, Artists, Baseball, Computers, Internet, Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, etc), Popular Music & Jazz, Nobel Prize Winners, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sex, Space Exploration, United Kingdom (UK Citizens, UK Politicians & Military & UK Behavior), Vietnam War Women, etc.]. A sub-section includes a list of people having appeared four times or more (=121).

4) Listing of issues for each Day of the Year on 366 pages.

Sub-sections include the following:

a) For People U.S. Born: Year Born & State (54 pgs): Individuals are listed according to the year born, indicating U.S. State and date of first or only issue having appeared. Total born = 1833 [86% male, 14% female].

b) For People U.S. Born: Year Died & State (36 pgs): The number dying each year and their average age for that year is noted. “Man/Woman or Person(s) of the Year” is also indicated. For the state of New York, California and Illinois born in cities in New York City, Los Angeles & San Francisco and Chicago respectively are marked. For each year a total number including male and female and average age are tabulated. A separate listing is made for each state of the Union indicating Living/Died, Male/Female, AfroAmericans, Military, Senators/Representatives/Governors, VicePresident/President with Party affiliations & Persons of the Year.

c) For All People (U.S. & non-U.S. Born): Year Born & Birthplace (85 pgs) indicates number of people: Total = 2952 (86% Male, 14% Female), and whether number of U.S. Born (64%) or non-U.S. Born (36%). Countries of origin are tabulated.

d) For All People (U.S. & non-U.S. Born): Year Died & Birthplace (57 pgs). This listing includes stating the number of times the person has been featured and indicates the last issue appeared as well as indicating whether U.S. or non-U.S. born. For each year the average age for U.S. Born and non-U.S. Born is tabulated.

e) Names & Age Tabulation when deceased of U.S. Born (including U.S. States) & non-U.S. Born (including countries) – Each Group is divided into those having reached 9094 years of age, 9599 years and at or above 100 years. To date (October 2008) 141 people born in the U.S. have reached the age of 90 or above; for non-U.S. born 68 have done so.

It is noted that there are a dozen or so individuals each from China and the Soviet Union for which birth/death dates and birthplaces that could only be obtained from persons in Beijing and Vladivostok known to the author. Also, some individuals’ families or institutions were directly contacted to provide such information not being available anywhere including the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

A continuous update made every year or two will be followed-up and made available to the purchaser at no additional cost as long as the seller is alive and capable.

The written material has no copyright and is an option that the purchaser may wish to obtain.

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