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Re: Hijacking democracy

Peter M. Lutterbeck @ January 7, 2008 # One Comment

published in International Herald Tribune on July 18, 2006

Regarding Thomas Friedman’s illuminating article “Hijacking democracy” (Views, July 15) on how Middle Eastern societies have failed at democracy, the flipside of his argument might be that materialistic Western forces, by subjugating and exploiting the Middle East for their own objectives, have also hijacked “democratic principles.”

The nondemocratic colonial powers clearly illustrated unbridled ruthlessness and control and supported puppet-like regimes to the detriment of their Arab and Muslim societies. The colonized cultures have learned well.

The cruelty shown by the West is rarely mentioned or explained in the media. As long as materialism remains the primary pursuit of life, there will never be peace between East and West.

Religions have always been hijacked by governments to establish and further their agendas. This continues on both sides today as it has for ages.

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