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To Internet or Not

Peter M. Lutterbeck @ January 8, 2008 # 2 Comments

That is the question, especially for many who are PC/techno-illiterate as I am. The media is full of it, which is, featuring the endless scope and reach of useful as well as trivial information. From the bizarre groups nestled in every corner of the globe to the most sophisticated bits of knowledge. What a choice? Or is there really one? We’ll soon require courses in “Focusing 101” and beyond. Love affairs are being consummated across heated wires. Beware signs repeatedly appear as con men, perverts and weirdoes use this avenue to approach the less critical or skeptical among us – often the young and elderly, but the masses gullible in the middle are as susceptible as shooting ducks in a barrel.

To regulate or not is also a query being thundered across the media and legal institutions. Governments and civil liberty groupings of all shades are battling their viewpoints, but unclear to my still earthly mind is how can cyberspace be controlled? Or how secure is confidential information, free from mischievous hackers? Since mobile phone mania is pandemic, and eaves dropping have become a sport and are as easy as switching on the power source.

The terminology is mind-boggling. Exposure should really commence in-utero sometime during the mid-trimester. Teenagers hacking into the National Defense Command Units serve as a basis for the next disaster movie – “The Unintentional Terrorist.” If incompetence and mismanagement is as widespread as recent revelations indicate, then WW III has already begun only the enemy is within. The human internal self destructive switch has been “on” for some time and venues like the Internet will only accelerate the obvious. Next time the comet Hale-Bopp passes more of us sensing this Planet is doomed will want to hop aboard. What proof do we have that we can arrive at a Higher Level? Now where is that web site for Heaven’s Gate? Does anyone out there know the password to enter the space ship? I wonder what their new web site address is.

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