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Passing wisdom to the next generation

Grandfather Lutterbeck Check out the photograph! That’s my grandfather passing on a few words of advice to my uncle in 1910! And now nearly a century later I felt the time has come for me to share a bit of WISDOM with you.

Being “outside the box”, “out of the loop” or a maverick is often painful, frustrating, or discouraging but with tenacity along with strong logical convictions (and of course a teaspoon of luck), a worthwhile sense of accomplishment can be obtained. That is the message that the historical review of the discovery of a drug’s initial effect in humans clearly demonstrates. Ironically, the very people who discouraged and ridiculed reaped the benefits of such a discovery. Not an uncommon story to be sure, but how many good and beneficial ideas are relegated to the dustbin under similar circumstances?

Wisdom has become an endangered trait in our over emphasis on youth, their antics, looks and remote control trivia. We are distracted evermore with mindless activities.

The essays I list as my trivia largely resulted from a skewed perspective of the world around me. This amateurish attempt has replaced years of near 7/24 working schedules and created during my retirement. These pieces don’t come close to match the brilliant works of Dave Barry, Ellen Goodman or Maureen Dowd, but I’m convinced that they serve as mental aerobics staving off the various forms of dementia.

Furthermore, the political scene, especially in America is one of the most entertaining venues ever created. This “show” has just everything: drama, hope (at last), piles of political pundits, humor, money, religious pontificating, shifting statistics, hypocrisy or even gross liars.

Occasionally, I’ve taken the liberty to respond to various political or social subjects with the publication of Letters to the Editor of the International Herald Tribune.

I sincerely hope some of you can find something worthwhile here.

Rootlessly yours,
Peter M. Lutterbeck, M.D.

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